Re: Breast Lumpectomy Specimens

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Greg,  we use Penfix,from Richard Allen,to fix breast spec. in. Also it is
on one station on the processor.  It seem to help with the fatty spec.
Anita Dudley, Providence Hosp.  Mobile, al.

>Subject: Breast Lumpectomy Specimens
>Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 18:02:48 EST
>We have discontinued performing frozen sections on breast lumpectomy
>specimens to check margins a while ago now in order to get a more accurate
>result from the permanent tissue blocks.  The pathologists are still
>the specimens in the same day and were inquiring if there is a different
>technique available for fixing these fatty specimens.  We are currently
>inking the entire specimen following fixation in 10% NBF.  I have strongly
>encouraged cutting the sections as thin as possible so the tissue is
>fixed and the completed slide shows the true margin rather than exploded
>cellular debris from the waterbath.
>The pathologists were inquiring if there is a fixative or some other
>preparation method   which will help firm the tissue so they are able to
>thinner sections at the grossing table.
>Greg Good
>Frye Regional Medical Center
>Hickory, NC  28601

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