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Dear Victor,

I have been using Biogenex's Masson's Special Stains kit on my Optimax, and
been trying out H&E and special stain protocols using my own reagents as well.
I have only had my Optimax for a few months, so if I can't help you with your
questions, I can send you to someone at Biogenex who can.

Suzy Winden
Experimental Surgery Pathology Core Lab
Duke University
Durham, NC

Victor Tobias <> on 01/21/2000 01:56:54 PM

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 Subject: Biogenex Optimax User Question

We currently have a demo unit for special stains. If there is anyone out
there that is doing specials with it, I have some questions for you.


Victor Tobias
Histology Supervisor
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle Wa.

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