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From:Mary Georger <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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I have never done turkey skin but have processed chicken skin for
feather development. We fix our specimens Bouins and then follow
fixation with several changes of 70% methanol with saturated Lithium
Carbonate. We use the following run-up:
15 min 70%Methanol/TBA(Tert Butyl Alcohol)
30 min 85%Methanol/TBA 1:1
30 min 95%Methanol/TBA 1:1
30 min 100%Methanol/TBA 1:1
30 min TBA
30 min TBA at 56 degrees
30 min Paraplast at 56
30 min Paraplast at 56
60 min Paraplast at 56

We have found Humason's "Animal Tissue Techniques" to be a great
resource, and the "new" edition (1997) is updated with the newer

Best of luck!
Mary Georger
Ward's Natural Science

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From: Huib Croes []
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 3:36 PM
Subject: skin

Dear Histonetters,

First, I want to thank the persons that have responded to my questions
about the mRNA ISH. When we succeed in doing the ISH, I will let you
Second I have a few questions from someone who wants to do histology on
the skin of turkeys.
1. Has someone experienced in processing this type of skin or something
similar to paraffin? Please email me.
2. Do I need  a special fixative ?
3. Does someone has or know a review/book on the histology of the skin
of turkeys c.q. birds ?
Many thanks in advance.

Huib Croes
Dept. Celbiology
Cath. Univ. Nijmegen

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