RE: oil immersion lens cleaning

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From:Ian Montgomery <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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>Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 14:35:55 +1000
>From: jim <>
>Subject: RE: oil immersion lens cleaning
>To: "'Gayle Callis'" <>,
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>I love these free-reigning discussions with lots of assertions. Here are
>I suspect there are a few don'ts for cleaning those lenses and the rest does
>not matter.
>Pouring xylene all over the lenses and using abrasive papers are no-nos.
>Lens paper works, but is less absorbent than Kimwipes are. A few years ago
>local university's microscope maintainer returned from a "study tour" from
>Zeiss and reported that they were using Kimwipes. Kimwipes are low lint and
>contain no hard particles. Cotton can retain bits of silica from the soil
>its a natural product.
>Another correspondent asserted that cleaning oil off lenses frequently is
>important? Maybe it is, but why? The oil is essentially non-drying. The oil
>immersion lens is only ever used with oil. The oil does not attack the
>It seems to me that the cleaning (other than wiping off excess oil prior to
>applying a new drop) is not required, it does not improve resolution and the
>process could cause damage. Why clean frequently; please give reasons!
>I claim no conflict: PST sells Kimwipes and Lens Tissue!
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	Dust, it's terrible stuff and likes to stick and embed itself into
immersion oil. In multi-user labs the best policy is definately CLEAN THE
MICROSCOPE OR I'LL BREAK YOUR LEGS. Immersion oil left on inverts is a
nightmare. eventually it creeps down the side of the lens and if its
sprung, into the innards then does horrible things. Result, a new lens.
	What do I use, lens tissue and ether or lens tissue and light
breath. I've
recently spoken to a Zeiss engineer who told me that the multi-purpose
wipes for computers etc. are good for the first clean then finish off with
lens tissue and light breath.

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