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I have been using microwave irradiation to "fix" tissues for about 2 years
now; protocol suppose to be published in J of Histotechnology this summer--I
can send it to you if needed.  Lymphoid tissue is still problematic but most
solid, parenchymal organs work quite well.  Basically, tissue size cannot be
over 1 cm cubed, but can be placed in a variety of fixatives or even
physiologic saline.  It is important not to heat tissue above 60C--cell
proteins are denatured at temperatures above 60C.  I doubt the whole, intact
organ can be handled in this manner.  Early research in microwave
irradiation began with putting complete carcasses of mice in the microwave
oven--did not work!

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Does anyone rapidly fix(within one hour) whole mammalian organs e.g
Brain, heart lungs etc. using microwaves or just heating in a
conventional oven .If so, how presentable is the tissue, can you prevent
over cooking.

Yours Sincerely
David Grehan

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