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Since we do our immunostaining in a core EM lab, we generally do enhance
the DAB reaction with osmium.  The method I use is to place a small drop
of 1% phosphate-buffered osmium tetroxide on the section after a final rinse
in water, while working in a good fune hood, of course, swirl the slide for
second or so to distribute the osmium, and then rinse in water from a squirt
bottle.  The DAB turns dark brown, and there is a very light yellow-brown
counterstain of the secion, which is attractive to my eye.

Hal Hawkins, UTMB Galveston

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Subject: dab and osmium

Hi All
        I am looking for a protacol for enhancing DAB with osmium. Does this
exist? I thought I had seen it on the Histonet some time ago.
Thanks in advance

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