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For years I had used lens paper or a Kimwipe moistened with a splash of
xylene, then becoming more safety conscious, I turned to a 50/50 dilution of
Windex which also worked to remove sythetic oil from the precious
microscopic lenses. We have all heard of the horrors of using alcohols or
acetone as a lens cleaner - which eventually softens and dissolves the
cement that holds the lenses in place. Acetone can also remove the paint
from the microscope.

I now use a commercial mist called ROR lens cleaner (Residual Oil Remover).
Use it on my Hasselblad as well. I also remove and store clean lenses in a
zip lock baggie when not in use.

Eric C. Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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From: Sue Danielson
Sent: 1/19/00 2:03 PM
Subject: cleaning oil immersion lenses

Hello histonetters,

Just wondering if anyone has a favorite method of cleaning their oil
immersion lenses for light microscopy.  Commercial products versus
We are re-evaluating some of the procedures in the medical student
laboratory and this is one of the areas of concern.

Many thanks,

Susan Danielson, MS
Neuromuscular Laboratory Coordinator
Medical College of Wisconsin

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