RE: What stain to replace the H&E??

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> What about a Giemsa?

>> John Kiernan recently commented:
>>  "H & E is popular because pathologists (who rarely do the 

Giemsa -in my opinion- is one of the most difficult stains to perform. The
differentiation step is crucial and it is very hard to learn. Furthermore,
the contrast of cell-depleted areas is low, I never want to make a diagnosis
of HD-NSII based on a Giemsa-stained slide alone. But it could be a very
good standard for GI-biopsies: both Helicobacter and all the other critters
like Giardia, Candida, ... stain nicely.

I'd like to pass this question back to John Kiernan: what's better than a
good H&E?

Alexander Nader

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