RE: Sectioning for in-situ

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From:"Shotsberger-Gray, Wanda" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Are you doing in situ for DNA or for RNA?  If for RNA you should use RNAse
precautions to avoid destroying the RNA in the tissue samples before you
even start your stain.  If you are doing in situ for DNA, I just keep
everything as clean as possible, cut my sections at 3-4 microns, and put
them on Gold -Plus slides.  Nothing fancy or unusual.  I had problems
initially with in situ staining, but have it working well now.  I just kept
tweaking and tweaking until I finally got it up and going.  Feel free to
contact me on or off the Histonet if you think I can help.
Wanda Shotsberger
Harris Methodist Hospital
Fort Worth TX
Subject: Sectioning for in-situ
Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2000 11:17AM

Does anyone know if there are any special requirements for sectioning of
slides to be usd for in-situ hybridization.
I have been having a problem with the probes working and was wondering if
there are any tips . Some have blamed the slides themselves, but I think
they're using it as a scapgoat. Please advise.

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