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From:Mary Georger <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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We have experience in processing all types of Botanical tissues. The
processing varies tremendously depending on the type of plant as well as
the structure you are trying to demonstrate. If you could find out what
plant and what structures and then let me know I will put together some
info for you. Processing is one issue,cutting is another and getting the
little son of a guns to stay on the slide is quite another story.
Botanical staining is also quite different.
I look forward to your reply!
Mary Georger
Ward's Natural Science

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Subject: Need help with special processing...

We are in the process of helping out a doctor's son doing research and
been asked to process , cut, stain, etc his specimens.  The only thing
that I've never processed anything but human tissue.  The specimens we
be processing is of the plant kingdom variety....possibly radishes.  Can
anyone please us with this.  Please  include reagents of choice as well
suggested processing schedule.


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