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Dear Susan,
If you would like more information on our crossreactivity information,
please contact our Technical Service Department.  We would be more than
happy to help you.
Danielle McCombs
DAKO Corporation
Technical Service Specialist

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Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 10:18 AM
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Subject: RE: Frozen tissue efficacy


Two sources I can offer , albeit old ones, are:

1.  Smith, Roberta A, Evaluation of cross-species reactivity of antibodies
to human antigens in animal models using immunoperoxidase techniques. J
Histotechnology, 13(4) Dec 1990.

2. DAKO Corp put out a table on interspecies crossreactivity of DAKO
antibodies in 1993. I have a copy I can fax you.
A quick glance at it shows their GFAP (Z334) hits dogs, mice, rats, humans,
monkeys, but not rabbits with strong staining. Their vimentin (M725) hits
dogs,rats, humans and rhesus strongly.  Their PCNA (M879) hits everything
under the sun with "some" staining. Maybe they have updated the list since

I would hope that some of the monitoring vendors could help you out.

Hey, we're getting a great snowstorm here outside of Philadelphia today!!


Brett M. Connolly, Ph.D.
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> From: 	Susan Q Wells[]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, January 25, 2000 11:17 AM
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> Subject: 	Frozen tissue efficacy
>         I have frozen panels of tissue from
> dogs,mice,rats,rabbits,cyno's,and humans . I have been asked to
> do an immunologic stain to test the efficacy of these stored
> tissues. They are from 5 years old to present. I don't
> necessarily have to do the same stain on all the species but I
> don't want this to get too crazy. My first thought was vimentin
> but I can't find one that cross reacts.
> I have some experience with B cell staining so am considering
> pulling the lymphoid tissue and staining for them I can't seem to
> find an anti -rabbit reagent or an anti -mouse reagent thats been
> tested on cryostat sections. Cyno's are no problem,I can use anti
> humans reagents there. I found canine and rat reagenta at
> Serotec.  I use a Ventana ES and have the capability of using it
> fairly openly. I prefer purified reagents but biotinylated would
> be OK too. Anyone out there have any suggestions on
> reagents/vendors or a way to keep this simple and answer all my
> questions. Of course I'll do an H&E to check morphology first.
> Thanks in advance,and I'll be happy to share any info I get out
> of this project.

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