RE: Colon polyps and bxs

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Correction the parraffin was from TBS. Sorry

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> From:	Sanders, Julie, VHACIN []
> Sent:	Tuesday, January 25, 2000 9:27 AM
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> Subject:	Colon polyps and bxs
> Histonetters,
>    We are having terrible problems with our polyps and gastric/colon
> biopsies.  We have tried the warm water soak, back to ice water soak, and
> sometimes this works.  What I'm looking for is consistency...our
> pathologist
> is quite unhappy that ALL the polyps/bxs aren't perfect.
> What do you do for processing these specimens and are there any other
> "tricks" to make them cut better.  All info will be GREATLY appreciated as
> he is driving me crazy.  This has been an ongoing problem .
>    Thanks to all in advance,
> Julie Sanders
> Supervisor, Anatomic Path
> VA Medical Center, Cincinnati

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