RE: Colon polyps and bxs

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It sound as, maybe the biopsies are being over dehydrated, or the temp is to
high in your processor.
We are set at 56 degrees with low melting temp parraffin from Polyp-Fin, at
1 hour in two stations of paraffin. May I add that we also use the
Histoscreen cassette from Richard Allan, which provides security with no
wrapping or sponges, therefore no tissue distortion at all. Good Luck

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> Sent:	Tuesday, January 25, 2000 9:27 AM
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> Subject:	Colon polyps and bxs
> Histonetters,
>    We are having terrible problems with our polyps and gastric/colon
> biopsies.  We have tried the warm water soak, back to ice water soak, and
> sometimes this works.  What I'm looking for is consistency...our
> pathologist
> is quite unhappy that ALL the polyps/bxs aren't perfect.
> What do you do for processing these specimens and are there any other
> "tricks" to make them cut better.  All info will be GREATLY appreciated as
> he is driving me crazy.  This has been an ongoing problem .
>    Thanks to all in advance,
> Julie Sanders
> Supervisor, Anatomic Path
> VA Medical Center, Cincinnati

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