RE: Bouins Substitute?

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From:Emma Carter <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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When i worked in my last university department, we routinely used
Zambonis fixative for whole body perfusions and fixation of rodent
brains.......paraformaldehyde, PBS and picric acid....

funny tale about picric acid actually, my old supervisor, who is near
retirement age, plays tennis. Many years ago, before the balls were
stained yellow by the manufacture, he would soak them in picric acid, to
make them yellow, and then lick them to raise the fluff back is a wonder that they didnt explode. Mind you, i think
his insides may be around a long while after the rest of him!!!!

emma carter

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> Subject:	Bouins Substitute?
> I read an article that said it was no longer necessary to use Picric
> Acid in
> the histo lab. Do any of you substitute the Bouins in the Trichrome
> Stain?
> Can it be done?
> Thanks,
> Marg
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