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From:MICHELLE LOWE <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Just a little history first:  my lab used to use a VIP
1000 and process ALL tissues on a 12 HOUR run!! Since
all of our tissues (tonsils, appendix, G.I. tissues,
lymph nodes, hernia, etc) were coming out brittle I
have been instituting some changes.

We will be purchasing a new 2000 model VIP, (when the
darn thing come out), but until it arrives we have a
loner from Sakura, a VIP E300.  I would like to get
all of my 2mm-3mm tissues onto an 8 hour run and all
of the G.I. tissues and bone marrows onto a 3 1/2 hour
run.  I will now be utilizing 2 what do
I do about a backup in case one of the processors goes
down?  Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeve on
how to continue the processing if the processor goes
down and the other processor is in the middle of
another (different)processing cycle?  This may be a
confusing question...if anyone has any information it
would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Michelle Lowe
Supervisor of Anatomic Pathology/Histology
Valley Children's Hospital
Madera, CA
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