Problem cutting monkey brain

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From:Kimberly Carter <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Sandi- When I cut something that has a tendency to wrinkle, I make sure
that my water bath is set 3-4 degrees below the melting temp. of  the
paraffin I am using at the time. Also, I have success cutting brain on a
thicker setting and with a warm block. If you feel that you need the
block to be a little cold, you can warm the tissue by dipping a clean
gauze in your water bath and running it over the tissue. I try not to
warm the paraffin portion of the block. I have known others to add a few
drops of acetic acid to their water baths to help with wrinkling
problems. I have some concerns about this effecting the staining but
they do not seem to have any problems.

Kim Carter
OSU Medical Center

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