Poly - L -vs- Amino Alco (++ Slides)

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From:"Dan Diaz" <dandiaz5@hotmail.com> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Please, Please, Please!

Does anyone out there know the EXACT differences between Poly-L Lysene
Slides and Amino Alco Salene(SP?)A.K.A Positively Charged or Plus Slides?

IF so.  What are the usefull applications of each and why are they used in
thes applications?  I also need to know why is one used when the other
cannot be used.

The answer has eluded me for way too long and I pray that someone out there
can lead me to the correct answer.  thank you in advance.

Dan Diaz (sales rep searching for knowledge)
Mercedes Medical, Inc.
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