Pathogenic Blood Slides

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From:Mary Georger <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Hello to all of my buddies!
 After a year hiatus from Histonet I am back on line in sunny Rochester.
I am working as the manager of the Microscope Slide Department at Ward's
Natural Science. We are a Biological supply house that services
educational institutions internationally, and can read more about us in
the new edition of Histologic coming soon to a mailbox near you.
I am currently searching for a supplier for human blood smears that are
infected with Diplococcus pneumoniae. The smears would need to be fixed,
but not stained, we will take care of that.
Does anyone out there in histoland know of a source?
Thank you in advance for your help, and it's great to be back!
Mary Georger
Ward's Natural Science

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