Immuno's on cytology specimens

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From:"Sebree Linda A." <la.sebree@HOSP.WISC.EDU> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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To those of you asking/responding to the cytology IHC question:  paraffin
controls really are not valid.  You'd be better off using frozen section
controls fixed the same as the cytology specimen.  We have found that in
almost all cases, the protocol that works for frozen sections and a
particular antibody will work for cytology specimens and that same antibody.
This certainly is not true for paraffin controls paired with cytology
specimens.  Ideally, one would want to use cytology controls for cytology
specimens but as was previously stated, these are sometimes hard to come by.
A method we use to stock cytology controls is to ask if there is additional
specimen left of a positive patient and if so, request that a number of
cytospins be prepared and fixed for us.  We then store them at -20 degrees
until needed.  We have not seen an appreciable loss of reactivity, if any,
over many months of storage.

Just my $.02s,

Linda A. Sebree, HT
University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
Immunohistochemistry/In Situ Hybridization Laboratory
600 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI  53792-2472

FAX: (608)263-1568

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