Histonet replies - Permission needed to publish?

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From:Linda Jenkins <jlinda@ces.clemson.edu> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Hi, Tim,
	I believe Marvin is right - there are laws governing email quotes.
Steven Slap is also an expert on the legal issues of this topic.
	The "Hard Times" (newsletter of the Hard Tissue Committee) is
published quarterly and our assistant editor, Sarah Christo, diligently ask
for permission from all contributors writing about hard tissue items.  This
is a LOT of work for Sarah.  Since this is a relatively small topic of
discussion on the histonet, just imagine what it would be like if you took
a topic like IHC!
	And even if there wasn't a law concerning this issue, common
courtesy would dictate a,  "May I use..."?
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering

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