Happy Histonet anniversary

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From:"LINDA MARGRAF MD" <LMARGRAF@childmed.dallas.tx.us> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Hi Histonetters:
Just wanted to let everyone know we've just past the  4 year mark on
Histonet! We're now up to 1249 subscribers at last count  (297 digest
and 952 real-time) and the old Macintosh is cranking out greater than
60,000 messages a day.

Here's some useful info to help keep the system working for
Please remember to unsubscribe if you are leaving your email address
(or it is changing to a different address). If you can't get off the
list, let me know. It usually takes a day for messages to stop after
you unsubscribe.

About once a week I remove bad addresses from the list. If your email
system goes down for a day or two (usually longer) you may be taken
off the list  If your Histonet email stops unexpectedly, first check
Steven Slap's Histotech web site (www.histology.to) for info about
problems with the Histonet server then either subscribe again or
contact me and I'll let you know if I removed you.  If you get
duplicate messages you are probably on the list twice and
unsubscribing may fix that.

If you have trouble posting messages usually its because your address
has changed from when you subscribed or your email system is formatted
to send mail as attachments. If you get the "Welcome to Histonet"
message when you try to post an email to the list you need to update
your address on the list. To do this unsubscribe then when the
messages stop subscribe again. If you get the "send no enclosures"
message see below.

Please let me know if you have problems.
Linda M
Histonet administrator

"Enclosures" are the same as "attachments" or "attached files" and
there are a number of ways that these might creep into your
First:  Check your email program. Some like Claris Emailer and some
programs automatically attach little enclosures to email messages.
are supposed to authenticate that the message was really sent by who
their name on it. A security feature, but an unnecessary one. You
should be able to delete this.

Microsoft Explorer is set up to send email as an attachment unless
the defaults are changed. (see below)

Other ideas:

1. You might have put enclosures in your mail by attaching a picture
or text
file using a menu choice like "Insert file".
2. There might be graphics in your email template, either in the
design or signature.
3. If you are sending using a web browser you may well be sending
embedded files without knowing it.
4. If you are sending via a word processor, the output may well be
bundled as a simple (just header and signature) email with the word
processor document file attached to it.

There are good reasons why attached files should not go over the
histonet: they can be very large and word processor files can
macro viruses, to name but two. We've actually blown out servers all
over by having a large attachment go out over the net!

Here's how one subscriber fixed the problem on  Microsoft Outlook
1) go into address book.
2) select histonet and click right hand button of mouse.
3) select properties.
4)at the base of this screen,there is a tick box that needs to be
ticked, it
reads "send E-Mail using plain text only."

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