Gelvatol in Mountant for Fluorescence Micros.

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From:"Robert Santoianni" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Ellen Yee,
The reference for this recipe is in "Microscopy and Photomicrophy, A
Working Manual", 2nd edition, by Robert F. Smith, CRC Press, 1994.
Gelvatol 20-30 (Polyvinal Alcohol) is no longer available from Monsanto
Corp.  I substitute Airvol 205 from Air Products Chemicals
Co.(800-345-3148).  The antiquenching ingredient in the recipe is DABCO
(1,4 Diazabicyclo(2,2,2) Octane [Triethylene diamine]).
1. Suspend 20g. Airvol 205 in 80mls. PBS (0.15M).  Adjust pH to 7.2.
Stir 24 hrs. at room temp.
2. Add 20mls. glycerol and continue stirring 24 hrs.
3. Remove undissolved Airvol 205 by centrifugation 12K rpm 30 min.
4. To 100mls. of the above, add 3.37g. DABCO.  Stabilize at ph 8.6.
5. Store at 4 deg.C.  pH should be 8.6.

Bob Santoianni
Emory University Hospital
Atlanta, GA

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