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I fix the cytospins or cytology smears in 95 percent alcohol, then fix in
  a 10 percent solution of 37 percent formaldehyde / methanol.

                        5mls   37 percent formaldehyde
                      45mls   Methanol

Fix for 10 minutes and rinse with distilled water -- proceed with stain.

This has worked very well.

                                     Jeanine Price

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Subject: fixation of cytospins
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I would like to know how (and if) cytospin-preparations are fixed in other
laboratories. We use Acetone/Methanol 1:1 for 5 minutes for years, but
preparing a small lecture about problems in immunocytochemistry I came along
a huge list of different fixation protocolls for this reason.

Dr. Alexander Nader
Path. Institut Hanuschkrankenhaus
A 1140 Wien, Oesterreich

privat: Alexander.Nader@univie.ac.at

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