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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Hi all,
    I have a question which folks at my lab have been bantering about
for a long time. It involves preparing a solution in which there are 2
constituents of  equal amounts. For example 50 ml solution A and 50 ml
solution B.
    The question is this... Is this a 1:1 solution or a 1:2 solution. I
always thought the ratio was "part to whole" but I have seen many
putting it as "part1 to part2" as in the following which was in a recent
message on the histonet (which brought this to mind)... "30 min
85%Methanol/TBA 1:1".
    I know what is meant by 1:1 when it is used, but how do those who
use this format write a solution of 1 part solution A and 2 parts
solution B. As part to whole it would be 1:3 but if written as above it
would be 1:2. that would call into question all dilutions people write
Amos Brooks

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