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From:"Tapper, Sheila" <STapper@smdc.org> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Can anyone help me with a couple of CPT questions?

1.	When billing bone marrow biopsies: what CPT should be used to bill
the iron stain, when the stain is performed on a bone marrow smear, and the
Clot section?  There is the 85535 code for Bone marrow iron smear, and the
88313 for the iron stain.  Is either appropriate to use?  Both?
2.	When we perform immuno on Kappa and Lambda, we have two different
titers and protocols worked up for each antibody.  One uses HIER, and the
other protease.  The dilutions are different as well.  When our paths order
Kappa and Lambda, we perform both protocols.  Are we limited to one charge,
or do the differences constitute a different stain?

Thanks for the help!

Sheila Tapper
Anatomic Pathology Team Leader
SMDC Health System
Duluth, MN

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