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From:MICHELLE LOWE <lowzey@yahoo.com> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Greetings from California,

I've got a question about the use of Formalex:  I am
being told by one of my Rep's that the Formalex makers
have lost there certification and can no longer be
used to neutralize formlin to dump down the drain.
They lost the certification in '99 and choose not to
re-certify because of the Assembly bill 966 which I
understand is:  The laboratory is no longer subject to
tiered-permitting which means that we can still use

So why the controversy?  Does anyone out there have
any information that can shed some light on the

Thanks much,
Michelle Lowe
Supervisor of Anatomic Pathology/Histology
Valley Children's Hospital
Madera, CA
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