2 system paraffins

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From:Gayle Callis <uvsgc@msu.oscs.montana.edu> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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The Surgipath infiltration paraffin has less plastic polymer, supposed to help
with infiltration only.   You can infiltrate with their embedding paraffin,
if you so
desire, but DON'T embed with the infiltration media, it does not cut worth a
darn, too soft, horrible compression. Had a gal switch the paraffins one time,
put the infiltration medium in the embedding center.  Curses#$@%$%*)(^%($($%!
Did a lot of block meltdown and reembedding,  (*^%^$#&%#!

Had a discussion yesterday with a friend, they are going to Tissue Prep 2 for
all tissues, due to fluctuations in room temps, on the high side and find the
harder paraffin works better overall with animal tissues.  They get better
consistency, hardeness for cutting.  Interesting concept, but also makes

Have cut embryos infiltrated/embedded in Paraplast Xtra (??) for the first time
had not used it before that, but was impressed by how it sectioned.
Not terribly fussy about paraffins with exception for decalcified bone,
then it is Tissue Prep 2 except for DMSO stuff, Paraplast plus,
the fumes aka odor are horrible, what is it doing to us heaven only knows???
I always thought DMSO was used to treat horses with lame joints, bummer
when we have to breathe it!

Just an old nag!
Gayle Callis

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