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<html> <font size=3>Jennifer,<br>          As you know sponges are absorbent,which is why they are used to maintain tissue orientation during processing. There is always some carryover of reagents when processing,much more noticeable on short processing cycles when you use sponges.  Try using lens paper  to wrap your tissue.  The tissue won't curl  you will have less carryover of reagents and  you won't need to change out your processing reagents as often. <br> The temp of the waterbath may also be a problem. <br> <br>  Rena Fail<br> Medical University <br> Charleston SC<br> <br> <br> :10 PM 1/10/01 -0500, you wrote:<br> <blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>I am trying, without much success, to get mouse and rat skin processed so<br> that the samples will section without blowing out or disintigrating in the<br> water bath after sectioning.  I have a Shandon Citadel processor and have<br> noticed that the problem improves when the processing reagents are fresh<br> (that's a lot of reagent to change out!)  The skins are fixed for at least 2<br> days in 10% formalin, and the mouse skin is processed on a 15 minute per<br> reagent schedule (70%, 80%, 2x95%, 2x100%, 3xPropar, 2 wax baths).  The rat<br> skin is processed on a 30 minute per reagent schedule.  The skin is kept<br> flat in the cassettes using rectangular sponges.<br> Any input would be so appreciated!<br> Thanks in advance.<br> Jen<br> <br> <br> <br> Jennifer M. Philopena<br> Scientist 1<br> Canji, Inc.<br> 3525 John Hopkins Court<br> San Diego, CA 92121<br></font></blockquote><br> </html>
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