re: processing rodent skin

From:"Philopena, Jennifer" <>

I am trying, without much success, to get mouse and rat skin processed so
that the samples will section without blowing out or disintigrating in the
water bath after sectioning.  I have a Shandon Citadel processor and have
noticed that the problem improves when the processing reagents are fresh
(that's a lot of reagent to change out!)  The skins are fixed for at least 2
days in 10% formalin, and the mouse skin is processed on a 15 minute per
reagent schedule (70%, 80%, 2x95%, 2x100%, 3xPropar, 2 wax baths).  The rat
skin is processed on a 30 minute per reagent schedule.  The skin is kept
flat in the cassettes using rectangular sponges.
Any input would be so appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Jennifer M. Philopena
Scientist 1
Canji, Inc.
3525 John Hopkins Court
San Diego, CA 92121

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