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Greetings Charles,

I'm not familiar with circumstances in the UK so these circumstances may not apply there but here in the states, some facilities feel great pressure to turn around diagnostic biopsies, a picture that is complicated at teaching facilities where pathologists in training require time to review cases microscopically before sitting with the attending pathologist at sign out.. By staffing around the clock, a biopsy that arrives during the daytime will be process during early evening, embedded and section late tonight and stained and handed in before 7 am the next morning when the first pathologists begin arriving. From an operational perspective, evening and night shifts are incredibly productive ( and employees very happy) because they have no interruptions, no phone calls, no pathologists interrupting with questions or problems. Lastly before I close, our facility has imposed a four day window for result reporting and consequently, charging, after which the charge is considered late.  When one adds to this picture the clerical preparation of the report, that may experience one or more revisions before being finalized, you can see how the four day timeframe can become tight.


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This response is  a bit off subject as I am not enquiring about the vacancy
and please accept my apologies in advance if the question seems a bit
stupid, but why do you need a night shift in a cellular pathology
Do you have pathologists  also working 7/24 reporting the cases which are
produced overnight. If there is a completely different model of
Histopathology delivery in the USA I'm sure Some of us in the UK would be
interested in a brief outline.

Best wishes

Charles McKinney
Chief Biomedical Scientist
Histopathology Deptartment
Frenchay Hospital

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