how did histologist manage to get section with cryostat?

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From:Gayle Callis <> (by way of histonet)
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Alan Bright asked the question:  How did histologists manage to get
sections with disposable knives  on Leica cryostat before now, I find
this very strange to say the least.

Not strange, they probably "managed" to work the system  or resorted to
to the brush technic.  Our experience with the old 1800 antiroll device was
disappointing, and we removed it. It is nice to know Leica improved the
old knife holder/antiroll device, eliminating time consuming manipulations,
Since the new knife holder will also work on the older model Cryocut 1800,
we would love to have it, more for 100%  use of blade edge and not
because of an improved antiroll device.

We use a brush technic exclusively with disposable blades on
brain and all other soft tissues.  Some people have
resorted to using a c profile steel knife with the antiroll device in
a LEICA Cryocut 1800, cutting numerous (100-300) serial sections.
With practice, serial sections CAN be cut with brush technic, and we
do this often on the 1800.

The NEW Cryocut 1850 has a superior glass antiroll device.
We just prefer to NOT use any antiroll device, can cut twice as fast,
since we don't have to tilt the device away from a section, an option
many people prefer to even with antiroll devices that do work.
Fiddly dinking 1800 antiroll adjustments were too time consuming, and
we use our backup dinosaur Reichert Histosat aka Leica cryostat the same way,
no antiroll with disposable blades.

Maybe someone who did use the 1800 antiroll device will make comments,or
did they also banish it to a drawer?

Gayle Callis

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