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From:Gayle Callis <> (by way of histonet)
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For those who are having constant compressor problems, if the machine is off
warranty, have a compressor installed by a local refrigeration repair
service. It was amazing the difference in price, like $300, maybe less for
a comparable compressor, and then installation charges.  It sure saved us
big bucks to have it done locally, with excellent results rather than going
through a major vendors expensive lineup of repair/airfare charges and down
time was less.
Nice to NOT have to fly in a service repair person when there is one just
up the road a mile or three when there is no service contract.

also, is there something more than the compressor wrong with the machine to
the compressor die?  We found we had to blow dust off the
innards of our Cryocut 1800, after seeing the temp start to flucuate into a
downward spiral.  It was put on a routine 6 month cleaning cycle for this, and
is similar to rescuing dust bunnies off refrigerator coils.  Don't try to
the dirt and dust out, can ruin the fan, just compressed air does the job.

Gayle Callis

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