auto ihc stainers

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i use the dako auto stainer.  it does 48 slides, is easy to program and
completly versitile for research.  i often do my runs overnight as it does
take a long time to run, the more slides the longer it takes.  it will apply
buffer every hour after the run is done to keep the slides from drying out
and it is so nice to come in in the am and have your work done for you.  i
do a lot of odd things that require exotic detections, such as anti-chicken
link, and the dako accomondates easily.  you can use dako's reagents or
anything you want. their xylene proof labels are wonderful also. some
research people at my university who have been using ventana are coming to
me for info on the dako because the ventana is so expensive and does not
easily adapt to odd reagents required in research.
patsy ruegg

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