Texas Society for Histotechnology 2000 Meeting

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The Texas Society for Hsitotechnology will be holding its 2000
Symposium/Convention in El Paso, at the Camino Real Hotel, April 14-16, 2000.
Speakers are as follows:
1.  "Don't Let Your Work Get You Down!!!Become Informed About Ergonomics In
Histology Lab Procedures" - Jan Minshew, HT(ASCP)HTL, TBS,Inc.
2.  "Hercept Brest Diagnosis" - Dorothy Clark, Dako
3.  "Controlling Procedures" - Freida Carson,PhD,HT(ASCP)
4.  "More Than a Gut Feeling: How to Hire the Right Person" - Vinnie Della
5.  "Immunohistochemistry from the Ground Up" - Joe Nocito, B.S.,HT(ASCP)
6.  Histology Mystery Theatre - Joan Vesey,HT(ASCP), Richard Allan
7.  "Communications" - Debbie Siena
8.  "Special Stains: Their Chemical Mecchanism" - Jerry Fredenburgh, Richard
9.  "Microwave Tissue Processing:Fact Not Fiction" - Donna Willis,
HT(ASCP)HTL, Andrea Grantham,HT(ASCP), Jan Minshew, HT(ASCP)HTL
10.  Enhanced Dectection of Microorganisms in Tissue - Skip
11.  "Coming Clean: Bloopers,Blunders and other Unmetionables - Vinnie Della
Speranza, M.S.,HTL(ASCP)
12.  "Updating Technology and Cost Containment and Is There a Career Ladder
in Histology" - Freida Carson,PhD, HT(ASCP)

Programs will be sent out in January.  If you would like more information
please contact me via this e-mail.

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