Substance P

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Has anyone used a substance P antibody in their IHC studies?  I want to do
IHC for substance P in mouse skin. Transduction/PharMingen has a rat
monoclonal that has been used on paraformaldehyde-fixed, frozen sections of
rat brain. They state that the antibody reacts with mammalian substance P.
Their technical rep said that they find proteins expressed in the brain to
be fragile and most of the literature they review for these reagents uses
frozen sections.  I want to use formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues. I
fix for 24 hr and then transfer to PBS at 4C until the tissue is processed.
I have found that it is important not to "over fix" for many antibodies.
Also, does anyone use the TSA signal amplification system from NEN in their
IHC protocols?

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