Start up of new histo lab from acratch Help!

From:"Rich, Nina J Ms WACH" <>

We are starting a new histo lab in a local, private dermatologist offfice.
I am hoping that someone out there has had some experience in setting up a
lab of this nature from scratch and is willing to answer a few questions
that are coming up.  For example:  what are the Osha requirements for fume
hoods and reagent disposal is such a facility, how long must slides and
blocks be kept and if the docs retire do the slides and blocks still need to
be available and if so is there a company that stores such items for you.
We will also be needing equipment and supplies necessary to do routine histo
and a few special stains. If anyone has anything for sell or that they want
to get rid of please E'mail me back.  Vendors welcomed to submit quotes on
new, used or leased equipment. I am also curios as to what people are
charging for histo PRN work.  They are very open to my salary requirments
but I was not sure how to charge for my time for the consulting and set up
time envolved in actually getting the lab up and running and then would like
to know what a fair price would be per slide to do H&E as well as some
routine special stains to include a few immuno's. Anyone willing to talk to
me on the phone please send me your phone # when responding to this message.
Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.  Thank you in advance
Jean Rich 912-370-6083

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