Re: stain for goblet cells

T. Hacker comments to Amy Self:

>>Goblet cells are clearly seen in H&E stained sections when using a 
formulation such as Gill 3 or Ehrlich's haematoxylin. Not as pretty but 
easily incorporated into the routine.<<

The Alcian blue question has been bouncing around on PATHO-L - I'll abstract 
it in a day or so when it quiets down. About half of us seem to be commenting 
that we need Alcian blue to reliably identify goblet cells (along with some 
gastric pit cells that stain) in esophageal biopsies for Barrett's lesion - 
and that we've got the lawyers breathing down our necks.

I doubt that modifications of hematoxylin will serve in this situation, 
though I haven't seen much of this. Ordinary hematoxylin does of course color 
goblet cells to some degree.

Bob Richmond 
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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