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Hi Pearl,
We use the sodium hydroxide for decontamination of solutions for suspected CJD 
cases as well. We also use formic acid treatment of the sections prior to 
processing. We hand process any suspected cases...while the possibility of one 
sneaking through on the processor still exists, it seems less likely today with 
the increased awareness of the course and symptoms of the disease. Hand 
processing (as well as cutting, staining etc.) is all done under a hood which 
has been set aside for that purpose only. While it is somewhat of a pain, there 
simply is no easy way to decontaminate our processor. We run samples for many 
labs and would not want to risk contamination. Formic acid treatment for 
deactivation is the best and most effective method known, however it is still 
unfortunately, not 100%. There are websites which have good information on the 
prion diseases and precautions...CAP, CDC and NIH all contain information. Hope 
this helps.

> Jennifer, how about a reference for using the sodium hydroxide to 
> decontaminate solutions?  Personally, I prefer to deactivate the prion before 
> contaminating my processor... but there will be times we will not know until 
> the damage has been done.  Thanks, Pearl
> .

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