Re: nail clippings for fungus

From:Vicki Gauch <>

 This problem IS one of the great mysteries of the universe for sure !!!!  What works best for us is...
 We soak the nail in Tween (we order from Sigma) for a bit before submitting for processing.  This seems to soften the nail somewhat.  When we cut them, we face the block, soak it well in ice bath and then cut the section and put it on a Fisher Plus Slide.  We have very few that float now...hope this helps.....have a great day !!!

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>>> Michael Rice <> 01/03/01 02:50PM >>>
In an effort to solve one of the great mysteries of the universe,  does anyone including all of you hoof experts have a way to keep  nail clippings on a slide. We have tried all the methods that our collective brains and experience can come up with including soap soaking, overnite drying, charged slides, etc. So far we have varied success with them. as I am sure you all know, this is very important medicine, all your suggestuions would be welcomed. This should be interesting.
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