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For those in the UK Quantum have just bought something that is
"supposed" to preserve tissue (not fix) tissue such as lymph node, skin
and renal biopsies for IHC/ICC not sure about fluorescence and can't
remeber the name - on ethin gthough it is nt cheap.

Thas all
Nigel RDE

In message <>, J.
A. Kiernan <> writes
>On Fri, 12 Jan 2001 wrote:
>> Michele's fixative can be bulked purchased or even small quantities from 
>> Poly-Scientific, at a good price and has a shelf life of about a year.
>I've missed a lot of HistoNet messages lately, but could someone 
>please give all of us chapter and verse for this Michele's fixative? 
>What's in it, and what's it used for, and where is the published
>evidence for its merits relative to other fixatives?
>Sorry if I'm repeating a well-worn theme. If the answers are
>all in the archives, let me and all others know!  Our universiy's
>computer dept has now repealed its exclusion of and many 
>other university servers that would not (if I understand it rightly) 
>spend about $1500 a year to meet the ORB standards for refusing
>to relay spam. Here we were almost completely free of spam while
>the exclusion was in force. If every server cleaned up its open
>relays and passed the ORB test we would all get better service.
>If you've read this far and forgotten, this message's principal
>purpose is to ask for the recipe for Michelse's fixative, with
>references.  Enough said!
> John A. Kiernan,
> Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology,
> The University of Western Ontario,
> LONDON,  Canada  N6A 5C1

N Kenneison

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