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From:John Kiernan <>

>Hi Everybody,
>I am looking for suggestions on a good histochemistry and
>immunohistochemistry book. The areas I am focused on is the nervous
1. You greatly increase the chances of a reply if you
put a few words in the Subject line of an email!

2. This question was quite extensively answered just before
Christmas 2000, with an annotated list of books. It should
be findable in the Histonet Archives:

3. The Royal Microscopical Society's handbooks include at
least two excellent little paperbacks on immunohistochemistry;
both are recent and inexpensive. For details, look up the RMS
web site. I've not got it's address to hand, but it it's always
in the first few items if you do a web search with AltaVista
or Google.

John Kiernan
London, Canada.

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