Re: e-cadherin

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    We use all of these antibodies you mentioned. E-cadherin works fine with
no epitope retrieval or digestion necessary at 1:1000. I believe it does stain
negative breast but I'd have to double check with the spec sheet to be sure.
    CD 117 was a bit trickier to work with. It didn't work well with DAKO's
LSAB+ kit. We got it working reliably with Polyclonal Envision+ at 1:200 with
out any pretreatments.
    Although we do not use CU-18 often, I believe it was working fine with
Heat Induced Epitope Retrieval with LSAB+ at 1:2000.
    Of course you should run a few titers on them, but this should give you a
starting point that I hope might help.
Amos Brooks

"Van Eyck, Deb" wrote:

> Hi all,
>     ? for all those using e-cadherin on breast cases-- does this stain
> negative
> breast tissue - how do you find the antibody to work with?
> How about BCA-225-CU18- How many are routinely using this antibody and how
> is it to work with -- what dilutions? kits? target retrieval etc.
> Same for polyclonal CD117- ckit.
> Any help or tips on these new antibodies would help in working them up.  I
> will be glad to share with you all.  Thanks Deb

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