Re: breast tissue

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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of histonet)
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    Sometimes if you soak the block in formalin then wash it well in water (you
dont need to be breathing the fumes while you're cutting the block) this may
help. Strangely enough, re-embedding the block helps sometimes too. Try varying
the temperature that you are cutting the block at also turn your water bath
down allot. Most importantly, find who grossed the case and KICK THEM SOLIDLY
IN THE KNEE. ;-) If this doesn't help the sections any you'll at least feel a
little better!
best of luck ... I deeply sympathize
Amos Brooks

Kathy Gorham wrote:

> PLEASE HELP! I know that the subject of unfixed breast tissue was recently
> discussed and several helpful hint were given.  This morning I went into
> work to find 14 blocks of breast that I could not get a good section on at
> all because of more fixation.  There was something about keeping the tissue
> in the block and doing . . . . Could some one help me with this.  Thanks
> for your help.
> Kathy Gorham, HT
> Grande Ronde Hospital
> LaGrande, Or 97850

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