Re: STAIN: Toluidine Blue removal/tie dye

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Don't know about getting it out, but you could always dye the whole shirt
blue or tie dye it.  All those funky '60's things are coming into fashion
again.  Cotton dyes really well.

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>>> "Jaci Lett" <> 01/13 8:32 AM >>>
Does anyone have a solution for this problem?  I managed to get a spot (<3mm
around) of Toluidine Blue on the cuff of my new shirt (the only part
extending beyond my lab coat).  Is there any way to get rid of all (or most)
of the stain without it spreading?  The shirt is 100% cotton.  (I don't care
if it gets on my lab coat, but this is the first time in over fourteen years
that I've gotten it on my clothes.)

If I don't get any response, my inclination is to try a sodium tetraborate
paste applied with a cotton swab.

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