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Hi there 
I have said it before an dwill say it again the Optimax from Menarini is
good. The three we have have enabled an increase in excess of 50% in
workoload with no additonal staff, not to mention the increase in our
range of antibodies by 50% as well. And the increase in Pathologists,
workload, less money etct etc etc.

Go for the Optimax you will not be dissappointed.

In message <0055600000706326000002L062*@MHS>, Steven Postl
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>It's that time of the year; new budgets, new ideas.  We are in the market to
>purchase a new automated immunostainer, so I would like to hear from you
>histology folks what you like best with your immunostainer(s) as well as the
>dislikes.   Vendors, don't hesitate to drop a line as well.   Thanks,

N Kenneison

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