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That's a huge subject and not something that can be quickly discussed here.

A couple of things you can do is look up some books on the subject and look
at company web sites, which often detail several procedures. You will
usually buy your secondary antibody kits or concentrated reagents and the
company you buy from will be happy to come to your lab to train you to use

Another way is to search for "immunochemistry" or "immunohistochemistry" on
the web and you will find many sites that have proceedures listed. A good
place to start is

You can also go to someone's lab and see what they do.

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Subject: Immunostaining
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:07:52 -0600

Happy New Year to all!

I need some help with immunostaining techniques and protocols. I need to
develop immunostaining techniques to support skin biology research, to
serve as validation of pigs as  predictive model of human skin biology and
immunology responses. Also, I need to develop immunohistology staining
protocols to access antigen expression and identification of inflammatory
and lymphoid cells in the skin.

Can someone help me with this? I'll appreciate any help. Thanks.

Edna J. Gonzalez
Research Assistant

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