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From:Phyllis Davie <> (by way of histonet)
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We use a monoclonal antibody to Inhibin alpha from Serotec (cat#
MCA9515).  It will be positive on granulosa cell tumors, early placentas,
or adrenal cortical tumors.  We use HIER with citrate as the
pretreatment.  It works pretty well.  Here is the contact information:

Serotec Inc.
1-800-265-7376 (phone)
1-919-515-9980 (fax) (e-mail)  (website)

Good luck
Phyllis Davie

>Help! I am looking for antibody to determine presence of inhibin using
>paraffin embedded tissue.  I have an article that references Serotec, from
>Harlan Bioproducts for Science. Do any of you have a contact for this
>company or another source for this antibody? Thanks in advance!
>Janice Pfluke HT, HTL (ASCP)
>Histology Supervisor
>ViaHealth/Rochester General Hospital
>ph. 716-338-4322   fax  716-338-4128

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