Re: How to send frozen sections ??

From:"C.M. vander Loos" <>

>Dear Histonetters,
>maybe a very simple question: I should send slides with frozen sections
>abroad. Now I worry about how to pack them so they will arrive without any
>Any ideas ?
>Thanks a lot,
>Antje Marcantonio
>Novartis Pharma AG
>Basel, Switzerland


Dear Antje,

The only safe way to transport cryostat sections is to ship them on
dry-ice. Courier services do accept thoroughly packed boxes in this way.

Some tips (based on real missery):
Wrapp the boxes with tissue sections in plastic bags preventing them from
getting wet.
Make clear to the other end that you have actually send off the package and
when they can expect it.
Always put clear telephone numbers of the recipient outside the package, in
order to take immediate care of it upon arrival.
Be sure to send something on Mondyday or Tuesday preventing the arrival
during weekend.


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