Re: Histotechnology Annual Report

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From:"Tony Henwood" <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Muhammad,

> Happy New Year! I would like to prepare Histotechnology Annual Report for
> my department head. Dose any one know how to prepare, what thinks should be
> cover? Could some one please guide me in the right direction.

To everyone out there in histoland all the best Y2K. I'm just back
from a sunny holiday in northern NSW and look like a PLUMP red
tomato. Also congratulations to my friends in Pakistan on a great
one-day cricket win over Australia!!!

Now to the task in hand, some ideas:
	Workload esp compared to previous years,
	New tests introduced,
	Any research &/or development done in the lab,
	Papers presented by staff at meetings over the year,
	Goals for next year.

I hope this helps,
Regards, TonyH

Tony Henwood
Senior Scientist
Anatomical Pathology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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