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Just a few thoughts for a basic annual report:

First of all, indicate if the previous year was a "success." Did your lab
meet any goals set? Did the lab handle the workload? I would include the
basic "numbers" of the work done for the year (cases, blocks, slides, # of
each type of stain, Immuno, ISH etc., along with changes from the previous
year or years (increase or decrease in workload). Also include personnel
information such as number of people in the department, any changes,
training done, etc. Tell about new procedures instituted and any problems
overcome and problems outstanding. A final section should indicate whether
you are staffed properly and visions for the next year and five years.

Doing this type of report, even if only for yourself, is a good exercise in
finding out where your lab is going. After a few years you will have good
trend information and will be able to talk intelligently about your lab's

Have fun with it!

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From: "Muhammad Tahseen" <>
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Subject: Histotechnology Annual Report
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 01:48:54 +0500

Dear Netters,

Happy New Year! I would like to prepare Histotechnology Annual Report for
my department head. Dose any one know how to prepare, what thinks should be
cover? Could some one please guide me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance!
Muhammad Tahseen
Histology Supervisor,

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